About Turn Back Time Radio

Turn Back Time Radio was established in mid-2018 as Geelong Online Radio. We commenced broadcasting as goRadio.Live on 1 October 2018 with Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody as our first track. In May 2022, we decided that we would re-brand as Turn Back Time radio to better reflect our station's music library and style. Unsurprisingly, the first track to be played on our launch program was If I Could Turn Back Time by Cher.

Local Geelong-based small business, Untypical Media, had been involved in community broadcasting since the end of 2007 and felt that the time was right to launch an online station, featuring the best music recorded during the past 70 years.

We recognised that there are already a plethora of online and terrestrial stations that focus on so-called classic hits but we see a couple of flaws in their offerings:

  1. They tend to play the same limited collection of music, meaning that they play the same clichéd hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s, over and over again, while so many amazing songs from those decades continue to gather dust in their virtual music libraries.

  2. Those stations are still, typically, personality-focused and funded by copious commercial agreements. This translates to maybe 30 minutes of interrupted music each hour when all you really want to do is listen to great music.

And, yes, there are streaming services as well but they typically give you two choices - pay a monthly subscription fee or listen to plenty of ads, just like the commercial stations.

So, here is our commitment to you, dear listener:

  • We will unashamedly select the very best music from our chosen era.
  • We will develop programs that provide music with minimal interruption every hour of the day.
  • Apart from the occasional program where we have an announcer presenting the music, there will be very limited. interruption to the flow of great songs - maybe the occasional station ID, two or three times each hour.
  • Our financial support model means that we will have no advertisements - check out our Support Us page to understand how that works. You might even choose to support us yourself (hint, hint!).
  • We will never make Turn Back Time Radio a subscription service. Sure, we'd love your financial support but we'd never make it a condition of listening.

We have set up a number of ways for you to listen to Turn Back Time Radio - check out the How To Listen page to find a way that suits your lifestyle.

We think you are going to love Turn Back Time Radio - our dedicated band of listeners already do! Tell your friends about us. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and/or Twitter. Join our exclusive Facebook group - the Turn Back Timers. Send us a text or email.

Whatever you do though - keep listening to Turn Back Time Radio. Great music. Great times. It's radio as it should be.