Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new Turn Back Time Radio web site We are thrilled to share our new web site with you. Turn Back Time Radio won’t be launching officially until 1 May but we thought we’d give you a sneak preview. Until then, the web players that appear on each screen will continue to bring you goRadio.Live, as they have … Read More

Top 30 Duets

Neil’s Top 30 Duets In this countdown, Neil selects his favourite duets – some by recognised pairings (e.g. Simon & Garfunkel) and some by some ad hoc, one-off duos. How many of these would you include in your list? Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel The Sound Of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel Islands In The Stream – … Read More

Top 30 ABBA Songs

Neil’s Top 30 ABBA Songs After The Beatles, this group of Swedes arguably had the biggest musical impact of any band globally and so, we figured a Top 30 countdown of Neil’s favourite ABBA songs was in order. How many of these would you include in your list? S.O.S. Fernando Dancing Queen Mamma Mia Waterloo Knowing Me, Knowing You Ring, … Read More

Top 60 Songs with One Word Titles

Neil’s Top 30 Songs With One Word In The Title Plenty of great songs have only one word in their title and, in this countdown, Neil selects his 60 favourite one-word title songs. How many of these would you include in your list? Something – The Beatles Imagine – John lennon Fernando – ABBA Evie – Stevie Wright Yesterday – … Read More

Top 30 Don’t Songs

Neil’s Top 30 Don’t Songs In this countdown, we acknowledge the best 30 songs that have “Do” or “Don’t” as the first word of the song title. There have been 181 songs that have made the Australian Top 40 with “Don’t” as the first word in the title – this doesn’t count the ones that just missed out on the … Read More

Top 30 Post-Beatles Songs

Neil’s Top 30 Songs By Beatles After They Were Beatles Probably more than any other group in history, the demise of The Beatles led to four amazing solo careers, albeit some with other bands and ensembles. In this countdown, Neil selects his favourite songs by former members of The Beatles after the band split in 1970. Interestingly, within the 30 … Read More

Top 30 Beatles Songs

Neil’s Top 30 Beatles Songs They were bigger than we had ever seen and we’ll likely never see anything even close to them in popularity, record sales and global impact, so they definitely deserve their own Top 30. In this countdown, Neil selects his favourite Beatles songs from their singles and album tracks, too … how many of these would … Read More

Top 60 “Love” Songs

Neil’s Top 60 “Love” Songs It’s a word that gets included in lots and lots of songs – but what about the best 30 songs that have “Love” in the title. Just like our Cover Versions countdown, though, there are far too many good ones to limit it to 30! In this countdown, Neil selects his 60 favourite songs that … Read More

Top 60 Cover Versions

Neil’s Top 60 Cover Versions This one is big – so big that we have decided to let Neil select his 60 – that’s right, 60 – best cover versions. Songs that were previously released by another band or artist, given a second (or third!) life by someone else. In part it’s the quality of the song, but mostly it’s … Read More

Top 30 Songs That Made It To Number 2

Neil’s Top 30 Number 2s So many great songs have almost made it to the top of the charts but missed out by one spot. In this countdown, we are going to celebrate the Top 30 songs that, according to our reference book, The Book: Top 40 Research, made it to number 2 and no further. How many of these … Read More