Really Early Mornings with Sienna

Really Early Mornings with Sienna Even when the rest of the world is sleeping, you can rely on Turn Back Time Radio to keep you company. Join Sienna as she plays the sort of music you love – whether you are working, driving or just finding it difficult to sleep. Classic hits from the 50’s through to more recent times … Read More

60s After Six

60s After Six In 1960, we were listening to Bobby Darin, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley and our own Johnny O’Keefe. By the end of the decade, we’d seen the British Invasion, the start of the Vietnam War, the protest songs, the peace and love movement, psychedelia … what a period of change. Join us on that journey through the 1960s … Read More

70s After Seven

70s After Seven This was the decade that saw us move from progressive rock and protest songs through to the early stages of new wave, via glam rock, lots of guitars and punk. It was the decade where we first heard Queen and Suzi Quatro, where Rod Stewart and the individual members of the Beatles established themselves as solo performers … Read More

80s After Eight

80s After Eight The Monitors asked the question in 1980 – what will we be singing in the 80s? Well, if they’d been able to listen to Turn Back Time Radio all those years ago, they’d know the answer to their own question! What an era. What a decade. Great music from the 1980s – for ten hours every week! … Read More

Public Holiday Playlist

Public Holiday Playlist So, the calendar has delivered some good news – a day off work! What better way to enjoy your day off than to head out for some “me” time with Turn Back Time Radio keeping you company. Great music from the last 70 years – hit after hit after hit. Public Holiday Playlist will replace Workday and … Read More

Aussie Lunchtime

Aussie Lunchtime The Australian music industry has given us so many wonderful songs over the years. What better way to celebrate our local music industry than to spend a couple of hours each weekday, listening to the very best of those songs. From Johnny O’Keefe in the late 1950’s through until today – and including a few country tracks along … Read More

Classic Nights

Classic Nights The name and description say it all – great music, back to back till midnight. From 9:00pm every Monday to Friday, you’ll hear nothing but the very best music ever recorded. Think of your favourite song, your favourite album, your favourite artist. There is every chance that they’ll appear in the Classic Nights playlist. Classic Nights on Turn … Read More