Really Early Mornings with Sienna

Really Early Mornings with Sienna Even when the rest of the world is sleeping, you can rely on Turn Back Time Radio to keep you company. Join Sienna as she plays the sort of music you love – whether you are working, driving or just finding it difficult to sleep. Classic hits from the 50’s through to more recent times … Read More

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning Whether it is breakfast with the kids, off to watch some local sport, maybe heading off to pick up a bargain at the local market. Whatever is on your Saturday Morning agenda – start the day with some of the best music ever recorded. Saturday Morning on Turn Back Time Radio – a great start to your weekend. … Read More


Weekends It’s the weekend and you are ready to relax with friends and family. What better way to do that than with an endless supply of fantastic music playing in the background? That’s exactly why we have created Weekends on Turn Back Time Radio. Leave the music selection to us – we know you won’t be disappointed. Weekends on Turn … Read More

Chart Toppers

Chart Toppers Every single song we play on Turn Back Time Radio is a guaranteed classic – but some songs were just a bit more successful than others. Come and spend two hours with us every Saturday night where we only play songs that ended up on the podium. That’s right every song that we play during Chart Toppers has … Read More

Saturday Night

Saturday Night Catching up with friends? Hosting a party? Having a night at home and feeling totally uninspired by the offerings provided by the television stations and streaming services? Fortunately, Saturday Night on Turn Back Time Radio is an actual thing. Music that will get you up and about … the absolute cream of the past 70 years. And to … Read More