Really Early Mornings with Sienna

Really Early Mornings with Sienna Even when the rest of the world is sleeping, you can rely on Turn Back Time Radio to keep you company. Join Sienna as she plays the sort of music you love – whether you are working, driving or just finding it difficult to sleep. Classic hits from the 50’s through to more recent times … Read More

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning It’s the laziest day of the week and you want to start your day with a quiet breakfast at home or a walk along the beach. Why not take Turn Back Time Radio with you? Classic hits from the last seven decades – the kind of music that sets the scene for a quiet day, breakfast at a … Read More


Weekends It’s the weekend and you are ready to relax with friends and family. What better way to do that than with an endless supply of fantastic music playing in the background? That’s exactly why we have created Weekends on Turn Back Time Radio. Leave the music selection to us – we know you won’t be disappointed. Weekends on Turn … Read More

Sunday Night

Sunday Night For most people, Sunday Night is about relaxing and recharging before the start of the working week. What better way to spend the evening than with the very best music of the past 70 years? Sunday Night just lines them up, great song after great song after great song from 6:00pm until midnight. And to help you wind … Read More