Individual Supporters

In early 2022, we surveyed a number of our listeners and asked them what they liked and didn't like about our station. One common theme came through - we keep hearing the same ads over and over every hour.

As we have outlined on our Support Us page, we need to collect a modest amount of revenue every year to make Turn Back Time Radio a viable station. The advertisers we have been promoting have been providing that revenue for us since our inception as goRadio.Live in 2018.

We have had a number of individual listeners who have enquired about being able to provide financial support as well. While we are adamant that we will NEVER make Turn Back Time Radio a subscription service where you have to pay to listen, we would be very grateful to people who are prepared to support us financially.

To make our lives easier, we have created three pre-determined levels of financial support ($27.50, $55 and $110 per year) and we'd be very grateful for your support at any of these levels. We repeat - there is no requirement to pay anything to listen to Turn Back Time Radio. This is just an optional opportunity to support us if you can and if you want to.

If you would like to support us in this way, please scroll down to visit our Support Registration and Payment Form.

PLEASE NOTE: We accept Visa and Mastercard on the form below. The payments are processed using the highly secure Stripe payment platform - we don't see or keep the credit card details on our servers. Many, many businesses use Stripe for their payments so you should feel very secure in using the payment form below.

One last thing - and it is important. When you click on the payment below, you are setting up an annual subscription of either $27.50, $55.00 or $110.00

This means that, on the same day every year, a new payment will be scheduled from the same card.

If you do not want that to happen, please email us at at any time between making your payment and the anniversary date and ask us to cancel your subscription.

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