Neil's Top 30s (& occasional Top 60)

Everybody has an opinion on just about everything and, seemingly, there is some degree of entertainment in presenting those opinions - in this instance, counting down Top 30 lists.

So, as Program Director of Turn Back Time Radio, Neil Butler has decided to develop a series of Top 30 Countdowns. Each one will be his opinion and will be based on how much he likes the song, how it performed against the countdown category and, basically, how he was feeling when he developed the list. The other thing to remember is that they are "point in time" Top 30s - no doubt 15 minutes after each was published, he changed his mind and wanted to re-do the countdown!

And where there are just too many songs to include in a Top 30, we got creative and increased the countdown to a Top 60 instead!

Chart statistics and, therefore, in many cases, the criteria used for inclusion or otherwise, are based on the very excellent book The Book: Top 40 Research by Steve Scanes and Jim Barnes. Whilst there are several books to choose from, we have used this one and will do so consistently throughout all countdowns.

If you have a suggestion for another Top 30, please let us know via the Turn Back Time Radio Contact Page.