Pop-Up Shows

As we have mentioned elsewhere, Turn Back Time Radio is primarily an automated radio station, with live announcers presenting our Monthly Request Show and occasional Turn Back Time Party Shows.

And then, without a lot of warning, we have our Pop Up Shows! Sometimes the shows are related to a special event (for example, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day, etc) and other times, well ... we might do a pop up show because the name of the day ends with the letter "y".

The best way to keep track of our pop-up shows is to become a member of our Facebook group - the Turn Back Timers. Pop-up shows will be announced there as soon as we know they are happening. Sometimes that will be a week or more in advance. Other times, it will be a very spur-of-the-moment thing.

The ones that we know about in advance will also be promoted on our Upcoming Events page too.