Regional Radio

Regional Radio is a special event program that we present in conjunction with a regional community to highlight the things that make their region great. Featuring songs requested exclusively by the locals, shout outs from our featured town to friends and family around Australia and, of course, the very best music of the past 70 years.

Book Turn Back Time Radio to broadcast a dedicated Regional Radio program for your town or community and we will :

  • Create a two, three or four-hour broadcast that is dedicated to your town / community 
  • Provide you with a link to a request page that you can share on your social media channels - this will allow locals to request songs and shout outs for our program
  • Allow advertising for local businesses in your region for the duration of the program

It's a simple concept and, we think, a really cool way to bring your community together and promote your town across the country while listening to some pretty great music! We usually broadcast our programs from our studio in Geelong, Victoria with people listening via our usual channels.

We can even come and present the radio program from your venue if you want us to (conditions apply - see below). Think of us as being the best of both worlds - a live DJ AND a radio program for your event!

Costs for the program will be covered by a limited number of advertisements throughout the program - see below for indicative numbers.

For more information or to book a Regional Radio program for your town or region, please get in touch with us via the Turn Back Time Radio Contact Page.


Some conditions to consider ... this, quite literally, is the fine print:

  1. Please understand that our licensing only allows us to broadcast across Australia. Regrettably, that means that we lock the stream to Australian locations only.

  2. Programs can be booked to commence at the following times:  Friday 8:00pm, Saturday 8:00pm, Sunday 2:00pm, Sunday 3:00pm (Geelong, Australia time zone)

  3. We are happy to come and present the program live from somewhere in your town however there will be additional equipment, travel and/or accommodation costs involved. It is also critical that we have a strong 4G or 5G internet connection wherever we broadcast from

  4. There will be a minimum cost of $330 (including GST) for a two hour program. Each hour we are happy to include up to four "live read" advertisements at $55 (including GST) per advertisement - this offsets some or all of the cost of the program. If a local community development organisation or council chooses to pay for the program in part or in full, the number of advertisements can be reduced or eliminated completely.

  5. It was Dirty Harry who said "a man's got to know his limitations" - here's ours. We specialise in music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s with some other songs outside that period - that's our sweet spot. Regional Radio only provides music and programs from those decades.