Request A Song

We have a request show every month but sometimes, you just can't wait to listen to your favourite track. 

That's why we have our Request A Song service on Turn Back Time Radio.

During most hours*, we reserve the first two spots of our playlist for our listener requests, allowing you to play program director for a few minutes. Of course, we don't want people hogging the choices and so, there'll be a limit on how many you can choose each day - otherwise go for it!

All you need to do is use the search facility below to find the track or artist of your choice and click on the tick on the right hand side. Your request will be placed into our request queue and played during the next available request slot on Turn Back Time Radio

And if the track you are looking for doesn't appear in the list, it means we don't have it in our music library. If that happens, why not visit our Suggest A Song page and tell us. Assuming we can find it and that your suggestion fits our music library selection criteria, we will add to the library and let you know when its available to request.

Make your selection

The songs are listed alphabetically by song title - you can enter either a song title or artist / band name in the Search box to limit the songs displayed.

* FINE PRINT - just a few points to note about Request A Song:

  • Requests will not be played during 60s After Six, 70s After Seven, 80s After Eight, Aussie Lunchtime and Chart Toppers. Otherwise, the first two tracks each hour will be reserved for requests.
  • If your request is made too close to the start of an hour or we already have requests queued up, your request will be delayed until the next available request slot.
  • Each person will be able to request two songs during any hour and a maximum of five each day.
  • If your request has not been played within 12 hours, it will be deleted from the queue.