The Special Event Request Show

We love the opportunity to interact with our listeners and one of the best ways to do that is via our Special Event Request Shows.

When scheduled, we will present a three-hour request show on Turn Back Time Radio. In the weeks leading up to each show, we will announce a program theme to help you to select your request. All you need to do to be a part of the show is to fill in the request form (below) and send it through.

Because we want everyone to enjoy the program, we ask that the requests are all well-known tracks - Turn Back Time Radio is all about playing the music that people love.

And to give us the best shot at being able to play your request (sometimes we have to wipe off some pretty serious dust from the vinyl that hasn't been played for a while), we ask that the requests are in our inbox by no later than the Wednesday before.

We have decided to pause the presentation of our Monthly Request Show. It will become a special event program. Please visit to join our Facebook group - that way, you will know when our next Special Event Request Show occurs.

Shoutouts Without Requests

Maybe you've missed the cut and still want to send out a shoutout during the program. Maybe you can't think of a song that matches our theme.

It doesn't matter - we can still do shoutouts during the program by sending us an SMS or WhatsApp message during the program. Just send a message through to 0499 9 RADIO (that's 0499 972 346 in the old money). We can do shoutouts via SMS / WhatsApp messages - we just can't handle the request process that way ... sorry!

Shoutout messages can be sent before or during the program - we'll do our best to get all of them onto the radio when we can.

Song Request Form

Requests submitted via the following form will be included in our Special Event Request Show. All requests need to be received by the Wednesday before the show to give us time to get the program ready. 

We have no Special Event Request Shows planned for now. Please visit and join our Facebook group. That way, you'll find out when each program is going to be presented.

If you would like to contact Neil during the program, your best bet is to send an SMS or WhatsApp message to 0499 9 RADIO - that's 0499 972 346. Messages sent via this form, via email or social media will be monitored as we get the chance but we can't guarantee that they will be seen during the program - there's only so much one person can do while they are presenting a radio show!

First and Last Name please - we won't use this on air - we'll use the one that you provide in the Preferred Name field below.
This won't be shared or read out - it just allows us to contact you if we need to. It also limits the amount of spam we get.
If you prefer us to use a different name during the broadcast (e.g. just your first name, nickname, etc), we can do that. Please enter your name as you would like us to announce it.
Please include the name of your town/suburb/region and the state/territory (e.g. Geelong, Central Coast, Parramatta, etc)
Please provide a list of people who you want us to say hello to - if anyone.
Please include the name of the artist if you can.
Anything else you want us to know? Here's your chance!
Please complete this check so that we know you are a human being.