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We are pretty proud of our Turn Back Time Radio Music Library. It contains over 2600 tracks that represent the very best music of the past 70 years. That said, we are happy to take suggestions for songs that should be in there.

Please bear in mind that they will be received as suggestions only - we will make the ultimate decision as to whether it fits our playlist and genre. In broad terms, the song needs to have charted or become very well known and, if it was released between 1956 and 1989, it has a much better chance than something more recent. That doesn't mean we won't include more recent tracks - they're just going to have be really good songs to pass our assessment.

Please fill in your details and the names of up to 5 track(s) below - please include the song title AND the artist/band in your suggestion(s).

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Please include the name of the song and the artist or band, if you know their name. You can include additional songs (maximum of 5) by clicking on the Add button at the end of the field.
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