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It is sad but true that running a radio station costs money, especially when you do the right thing and pay the licensing authorities for the right to play music on your station. Those licence costs are collected by the authorities and are then paid to the people involved in creating the tracks - the musicians, the songwriters, the engineers, the producers, etc, etc.

Turn Back Time Radio absolutely supports the payment of licence costs to enable us to present the best music of the past 70 years, which, in turn, compensates the incredibly talented people who have created this amazing array of songs that we enjoy so much.

As well, we need an infrastructure that enables the music to be streamed. Rather than incurring the cost of owning and maintaining the very expensive streaming infrastructure ourselves, we use the services of to store our music library and to provide the apps and the streaming service itself.

So, to be completely open and transparent, here's what it costs us to operate Turn Back Time Radio:

  • APRA AMCOS licence - one of two licences required to broadcast across Australia - $250 per year
  • PPCA - the other licence required to broadcast into Australia - 25% of station revenue (the more we collect, the more we pay)
  • - the platform we use to broadcast Turn Back Time Radio - US$104 per month
  • Apple Music - $2.19 for every new track we buy to include in our music library 

Given the sliding scale nature of the PPCA licence costs and working on adding 100 new tracks to our music library every year, we have worked it out that we need to collect $4000 (plus GST) per year to break even.

We could go out and look for significant sponsors but the trade off would be lots of advertising throughout the day, reducing the amount of music we play - and no one wants that.

So, instead, we have developed what we think is a fair and reasonable supporter model which hopefully raises the revenue we need while minimising the level of interruption to our music.

We encourage businesses to donate $55 (including GST) per year to become an official Turn Back Time Radio Business Supporter. We will play a business shout-out a few times per week and add a link to the business web site on our Supporters page.

We have also had some very generous listeners who have offered to support the station by donating to our coffers as well. We have had various amounts suggested along the way and so we have created three pre-determined levels - $27.50, $55 and $110 per year. That kind of means a half-serve, a normal serve and a double serve. If you would like to donate to our annual funding, we'd be absolutely stoked.

Please understand though that you do not have to have to pay to listen to Turn Back Time Radio - our broadcasts will always be free to listen to. This is just an optional opportunity for people who would like to help us maintain the station. If you would like to support us in this way, please visit our Turn Back Time Radio Individual Supporter page.

We calculate that at $55 per year, we only need 80 supporters to help us to meet our annual target of $4400 (including GST)! Thank you in advance for your support. You can check out how we are going in the next section of the page.

Learn about being a Business Supporter
Learn about being an Individual Supporter

How we are tracking towards our goal

In the image that follows, we are using our Turn Back Time Radio wave logo to show you how we are progressing towards our target of 80 financial supporters. The green part of the wave represents the number of $55 donations we have received. The blue bit represents the road ahead - when the whole thing is green, we will have achieved our target.

So far, we have 11 or our required 80 supporters - can you help support the station?

You can also see that the wave is broken up into sections. When we complete a section (that is, it turns green), we will have raised enough funds to purchase the items listed below the wave.

Would you like to support us in turning the wave green? Then please visit either the business supporter page or individual supporter page.